Lifestyle Medicine Bariatric Plan

Our treatment follows the practice guidelines of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and and the 2013 Guidelines published by The Obesity Society for managing overweight and obesity in adults.

Our Bariatric Plan consists of an intensive lifestyle intervention. You will under-go an intial assessment and a follow-up plan to be scheduled with Dr. Porrata. Follow-Ups are schedule during your first visit and will occur more frequently in the first phase of treatment. Follow-Ups will be to adjusted to your Bariatric Plan based on your progress. 

Treatment Plan

First, perform an initial patient work-up to determine treatment based on each patient’s history, physical exam, laboratory work and other appropriate testing, as needed.

Second, provide counseling and follow-up on proper eating habits, exercise, behavior modification and other aspects of weight loss throughout the program.

Review the potential benefits and risk of any medication that may be used during treatment.

Lastly, develop an individual weight maintenance program for each patient after weight loss goals are achieved.


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